About GrainStats

GrainStats is a data analysis platform built for the Agricultural and Biofuel industries. It is designed to be a market neutral information platform to publish Agricultural & Energy statistics from a variety of unofficial and official data sources.

GrainStats is a joint effort amongst agricultural economists, traders, and programmers. To get involved in this project contact us on Twitter

Privacy Policy

GrainStats.com values your privacy. We do not collect personal information, sell or exploit user information, or store such information on the GrainStats.com domain. We do not even employ advertisements as of this writing(2020-01-11.) As such, we do operate minimal general statistics on GrainStats.com regarding usability of this website to ensure content is delivered in an unrestricted and appropriate manner.

If you do not agree to this privacy policy you have 2 options:

1. Do not visit this website.
2. Employ a web browser or adblocker that blocks statistical gathering software. - We recommend the Brave Web Browser.

It has always been our view that privacy is a right, however, it is up to the user to defend this right and act on it. Therefore, we maintain our view that the user is responsible for their own experience using GrainStats.com

Re-Publishing Policy & Copyright Information

You are permitted to use GrainStats charts, tables, and other statistics that are published on the GrainStats.com domain for personal usage & commercial usage. This permission is granted under the acknowledgement that you cite that "GrainStats.com" is the origin of the graph, charts, table, and other published material. Please make this distinction clearly visible. We take great effort in publishing accurate market information & analysis and wish that you respect the work we have done. Violation of this agreement will result in DCMA takedown notices and potentially further legal action.

Contact Information

Inquiries can be sent to admin "at" GrainStats.com or on Twitter