About GrainStats

GrainStats is a data analysis platform built for the Agricultural and Biofuel industries. It is designed to be a market neutral information platform to publish Agricultural & Energy statistics from a variety of unofficial and official data sources.

Privacy Policy

GrainStats.com values your privacy. We do not collect personal information or store such information on the GrainStats.com domain. However, we do operate advertisements as of this writing (2023-08-08).

If you do not agree to this privacy policy you have 1 option:

1. Do not visit this website.

Re-Publishing Policy & Copyright Information

If you wish to use or distribute our charts and content (audio, visual, or text) found on the GrainStats.com domain (inclusive of Blog.GrainStats.com) and our Telegram channel, contact us. Violation of this agreement will result in DCMA takedown notices and potentially further legal action.

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Policy last updated 2023-08-23

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