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At Move, LLC), we provide grain market information, news, analytics, and other digital services free of charge. We also have taken it upon ourselves to maintain independence from the industry, whereby we have no contracts or formal partnerships with industry participants. Doing so keeps minimizing bias while maximizing fact based reporting. As an addition, we also take a hard stance as a free service and do not sell any information about our users to anyone or run advertisements. Although this model of free usage is hardly made to be profitable, we do see for profit entities use our research, charts, programmable API's, and expertise about grain markets to help their businesses grow.

That being said, for to continue in current form and expand upon our analytics and news offerings, we are asking for donations from the users(or entities) who use the website regularly to meet the costs of running

Any funds received, will be used entirely for the following expenses in the following order - We have 3 ways you can donate -
  1. A one time donation in any amount (PayPal)
  2. A recurring $5.00 monthly donation which can be canceled at any point (PayPal).
  3. Bitcoin(BTC) Donations - If you wish to send us an anonymous donation, please use the Bitcoin(BTC) Address: 3JcUzbQcbq1VPuLBxb8z2CLeD8FGCDS8yt
Please note, if you are contributing on behalf of an organization, we can produce an invoice for you/your organization. If none of the above options work, we can find other ways of contributing. Please contact us directly.

Thank you


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