GrainStats Weekly Price Sentiment Indicator - Methodology

1. Weekly anonymous polls conducted every Tuesday in the @GrainStats channel. If grain futures markets are closed, the proceeding opening day will be polled. Likewise, if there is a major report on the day of the poll, we will defer the polling up to 24 hours later.

2. Commodities Polled - Corn(Chicago Board of Trade), Soybeans(Chicago Board of Trade), Wheat(Chicago Board of Trade, Soft Red Winter Wheat), and Soybean Oil(Chicago Board of Trade.) We may expand this offering for more agricultural commodities in the future.

3. Price sentiment polled is "short to medium term." This is a very subjective term as with volatility, expectations of what is "short to medium term" may differ amongst users. We generally define "short to medium term" as 2-4 weeks under normal-low volatility. If volatility increases, then we expect users to re-define what their interpretation of "short to medium term" but do not have specific guidelines.

4. Poll options will be on a scale basis with the following options. There will be a sixth option "Show Results" for those who do not wish to report but are casually interested.

5. We respect your privacy and note that polls on the Telegram platform are anonymous - we do not see any information or metadata beyond the following data points: 6. The polling period will start at 01:30 CST time and end at 05:30 CST the following day to cover most of the Grain and Financial trading hubs of the world.

7. Compiled historical results will be posted to @GrainStats Telegram channel & website in a meaningful way once a history has been completed.

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