Online Communities

We encourage the patrons of GrainStats to get involved on digital platforms that we have a presence on. With the support of our patrons we can grow GrainStats to cover more markets, increase transparency for grain marketing, promote market development, and create an environment to support agricultural market education.

The following networks are currently supported by GrainStats

Telegram Messenger Telegram

Telegram Messenger is a chat and news application that can be installed on smartphones(Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone), desktop computers, and can run within a web browser without installing any software. We have both a chatroom and a news channel where we post market updates. Everyone is welcome to the chat and news channel. This is a free offering.

GrainStats - News Channel
Grain Markets Chat

Twitter Twitter

For Grain and Biofuel updates please follow our Twitter Page @GrainStats
We encourage the patrons of GrainStats to follow, retweet, and share tweets we publish that are found helpful.

Facebook LinkedIn

We have a Facebook page for everyone who can't join us on the other social networks. We are very lucky to be able to be part of the Facebook group "Grain Markets Discussion" where we occasionally post updates. Click here to visit our Facebook page!

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